Jennifer Hunter

Jen Hunter

Dr Jennifer Hunter is an integrative medicine practitioner in general practice and a senior research fellow at NICM.  Her fields of research include: complementary and integrative medicine; primary-care; health services research; health economics and policy; and translational medicine.

Research interests

  • Delivering person centred care and conducting research that uses questionnaires able to measure the broad spectrum of domains that are relevant to individuals who use complementary medicine; these include holistic health, disease prevention, quality of life and positive aspects of health.
  • Evaluating the heterogeneous evidence for complementary medicine to inform integrative medicine practice and policy.
  • Engaging practitioners, researchers and policy makers to use standardised and transparent methodology when developing clinical practice guidelines.
  • Raising awareness about Indigenous Australian healing practices, and supporting research and policy for culturally appropriate integration with health and social services.
  • Building research capacity in Integrative Medicine and Primary Care through clinical trials, health services research and economic evaluations.