Hardik Ghelani

Pharmacological interventions on dyslipidaemia of nephrotic syndrome and chronic kidney disease: A mechanistic approachHardik Ghelani

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is reaching epidemic proportions worldwide and expected to climb at an alarming rate and posing a significant risk of cardiovascular diseases. Investigations on the effectiveness of various natural products such as α-lipoic acid, ginger extract and curcumin on restoring the deranged lipid metabolism in chronic kidney disease will improve the health of people and prolong life of those affected with nephrosis and CKD and thus, will potentially reduce the annual direct health-care costs of cardiovascular disease worldwide, including Australia. Specifically, the proposed project has national benefit in the following ways: (i) By reducing private and public-health costs; (ii) By promoting and maintaining good health and healthy ageing.

About Hardik:

Hardik has received undergraduate education in pharmacy (BPharm) at Sardar Patel University in India. He has also completed post-graduation (Master of Pharmacy) with major Pharmacology in year 2012 from Gujarat Technological University. In 2015, he successfully completed Master of Science (research) degree from Western Sydney University under supervision of Dr Srinivas Nammi. Hardik presents extensive research experience in the areas of pharmacology, physiology and experimental techniques involved in the pharmacological screening of new herbal drugs Hardik's research areas include evaluation and identification of mechanism(s) of action of traditional herbal medicines in the treatment/prevention of obesity, type 2 diabetes and its complications, lipid disorders and cardiovascular diseases. He is also interested in understanding the role of protein glycation (i.e. myoglobin and LDL protein) in development of cardiovascular complications of diabetes and identification of phytotherapy in the treatment / prevention of same.


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Dr Srinivas Nammi


Dr Valentina Naumovski
A/Prof. Dennis Chang