NICM Research Committee Terms of Reference

The NICM Research Committee will provide advice to the NICM Advisory Board in the advancement of the NICM scientific program of strategically directed research into complementary medicine and translation of evidence into clinical practice and relevant policy to the benefit of all Australians.

The NICM Advisory Board is an independent advisory council established by the Western Sydney University. The Research Committee works with and reports to the Advisory Board. The Chair of the Research Committee is an Advisory Board member.

Members of the Research Committee (RC) are honorary appointments made by the Director of the National Institute of Complementary Medicine (NICM) initially in consultation with the NICM Advisory Board and the NICM Managing Director.

The Research Committee membership will always consist of the Director of NICM, the NICM Managing Director, and key senior scientists with substantial experience in leading national research organisations or programs, preferably in medicine and healthcare with some experience in complementary medicine.

Members of the NICM Research Committee will be appointed for three year cycles.

The duties of the Research Committee are to:

a. Attend RC meetings (usually no more than three times yearly);
b. Serve on NICM sub-committees from time to time;

c. Contribute to the scientific aims, strategic directions and activities of NICM, and in particular:

  • Provide strategic advice on research priorities and programs in order to achieve to a high scientific level the NICM mission, and assist in successful achievement of NICM initiatives
  • Assist in the development of strong collaborative links (national and international) with relevant industry, the community, government agencies, other universities and research centres
  • Review the progress of NICM research strategies and activities, and provide advice to the Director and the NICM Advisory Board on the outcomes of these reviews
  • Provide advice to the Director and the NICM Advisory Board on expenditure priorities
  • Identify expert resource people in various relevant fields to NICM activities and provide advice on communications


  • NICM will meet reasonable travel expenses incurred by RC members in the course of meetings as well as a sitting fee as determined by the Commonwealth Remuneration Tribunal
  • NICM will provide office space for RC meetings either at its Campbelltown site or at an alternative city location
  • Clerical support will be provided via the Administrative Officer, NICM