Andrew Scholey

Professor Andrew Scholey is director of the Centre for Human Psychopharmacology and Professor of Behavioural and Brain Sciences.

He is also co-director of the NICM Centre for the Study of NaturalAndrew ScholeyMedicines and Neurocognition.

Professor Scholey was at Northumbria University in the UK for fifteen years, in 1998 he established the Human Cognitive Neuroscience Unit (now the Brain Performance and Nutrition Research Centre) where he was director until taking up his present post in late 2007.

He was also co-director of the Medicinal Plant Research Centre in the UK and remains as honorary director of their neurocognitive trials section.

Professor Scholey has been lead investigator on a series of groundbreaking studies into natural substances and neurocognition. These have ranged from 'metabolic' interventions (notably glucose and oxygen), to low doses of alcohol and even drinking water (in thirsty individuals) and chewing gum.

He was also Principle Investigator on studies into the neurocognitive effects of numerous plant extracts including ginkgo biloba, ginseng, lemon balm, caffeine, sage, valerian, guaranĂ¡, cocoa polyphenols and theanine.

Professor Scholey has published over 160 journal articles and 15 book chapters and books focusing on the potential mood and cognition enhancing effects of natural products.

His current research uses state-of the-art methodology, including neurocognitive assessment, brain imaging and various physiological analyses to disentangle the neurocognitive effects of specific nutritional interventions (focussing on plant extracts) to enhance cognitive performance. The aim is to understand the mechanisms and apply natural medicines as safe treatments for conditions where cognition becomes fragile, including ageing and dementia.

Professor Scholey has served on various scientific committees and is committed to the public dissemination of science which has led to many appearances in the print, radio and television media.