David Colquhoun

Associate Professor David Colquhoun is a Cardiologist in Private Practice in Brisbane. He has been extensively involved in research for the last 25 years, and has a private research group - Core Research. HisDavid Colquhoun group is involved in multi-centre international trials and investigator initiated trials in the area of lipids, nutrition, nutraceuticals and psychological aspects of heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Currently his research group is involved in 20 ongoing trials. He is Australian Co-ordinator of the SCOUT Trial: 13 Sites and over 900 patients in Australia and 9,000 patients worldwide. This trial will establish whether deliberate weight reduction reduced cardiovascular events. He was a member of the National Heart Foundation's (NHA) Nutrition and Metabolism Committee and NHF's Psycho-Social Working Group and chief author of NHFA Review of Fish and Omega 3 PUFA and position statement. He is the Chairman of the organising Committee of the NHFA 2nd Scientific Committee, Brisbane 2009 - the 50th Anniversary of NHFA.