David Colquhoun


Research Committee Member, NICM Health Research Institute

Associate Professor David Colquhoun is a cardiologist with over 30 years of experience in private practice in Brisbane. He joins NICM Health Research Institute as a member of the Research Committee, having being extensively involved in research for the last 25 years.

Associate Professor Colquhoun has been involved in clinical practice and research in the fields of cardiology, lipids, nutrition, diabetes, obesity, nutraceutical and psychological aspects of heart disease. His private clinical research unit, Core Research, is currently involved in 20 ongoing trials, himself acting as the Australian lead investigator in two trials.

Associate Professor Colquhoun is the AMA spokesperson for Cardiology in Queensland. He is a Board member of the Queensland branch of the National Heart Foundation of Australia (NHFA), was a member of the National Heart Foundation's Nutrition and Metabolism Committee and chief author of NHFA Review of Fish and Omega 3 PUFA and position statement.