John Funder


NICM Advisory Board Chair

NICM Research Committee Member

Professor John Funder is a Senior Research Fellow at the Hudson Institute of Medical Research. He joins NICM as chair of the Advisory Board and a member of the Research Committee. Professor Funder brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to NICM from his long and active career in medical research, its governance and promotion.

Professor Funder has decades of significant leadership experience in medical research. He has served as a link between endocrinology and cardiology, and is internationally acknowledged as leading an exciting new era of hitherto unexpected roles for the mineralocorticoid receptors, across a spectrum of disease states.

Professor Funder has published over 500 scientific papers. In Australia he has had a broad involvement in medical research, as President of ASMR, chair of the inaugural Scientific Advisory Board of WAIMR (now the Harry Perkins Institute); chair of a series of NHMRC regional grants committees and inaugural Executive Chair of Obesity Australia. His broad range of local, interstate and international appointments stand as evidence to the value placed on his expertise, experience and involvement globally.