Philippa Middleton

MPH, GradDipLibSt, BSc

NICM Research Committee Member

Philippa Middleton is a perinatal epidemiologist and the Executive Director of the Australian Research for Health of Women and Babies (ARCH), within the Robinson Research Institute. Ms Middleton joins NICM as a member of the Research Committee and is an acclaimed researcher in the field of pregnancy and women's health.

Ms Middleton is the leader of the Robinson Research Institute's research priority relating to preterm birth 'Born too soon.' In 2011, she received the Robinson Research Institute Director's award for her contribution to research as well as the School of Paediatrics and Reproductive Health award for the 'Most outstanding publications in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.'

Ms Middleton's research encompasses the spectrum of maternal and child health with the ultimate aims of 'every parent prepared, every pregnancy wanted, every birth safe, every child healthy.' Her research interests include diabetes in pregnancy, stillbirth, pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and lactation nutrition, preterm birth, and fetal, neonatal and child neuroprotection and development.