Ric Day

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Research Committee Member, NICM Health Research Institute

Professor Day AM is a renowned Australian rheumatologist and clinical pharmacologist with over 40 years' experience in clinical research.Ric Day

In 2014, Professor Day became Chair of NICM's Research Committee, following his three year service as Chair he stood down and became a member of the committee in 2017.

Professor Day has a clinical practice in Clinical Pharmacology, Rheumatology and Pathology at St Vincent's Hospital Sydney, is a Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at UNSW Sydney and leads the Division of Clinical Pharmacology in SydPath's drug monitoring laboratory and therapeutic advice service.

His research focuses on safe use of medicine using best evidence and decision support tools investigating pharmacology, preventive medicine, arthritis and rheumatology, diabetes and endocrinology, anti-infectives, and electronic medication management.

Professor Day has held various advisory roles to Australian Government including his role as co-chair of the Medication Safety Taskforce of the Australian Safety and Quality Council for the Federal government and currently is chair of the Medication Safety Expert Advisory Committee for the NSW Ministry of Health.

He holds a MBBS (Hons) from the University of Sydney, and MD from the UNSW Sydney.


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