Ric Day


Professor Day is a Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of NSW, Department of Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology (opens in a new window). His fields of research include: clinical pharmacology and therapeutics, rheumatology and arthritis, psychiatry, endocrinology and decision support and group support systems. 

Research Interests:

Rheumatic disorders, diabetes and psychotic illness are prevalent chronic illnesses that demand high quality pharmacotherapy. We are researching powerful techniques for individualising pharmacotherapy using pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic models. Our aim is safe yet effective therapy. Allopurinol used in gout, metformin used in diabetes and clozapine used in psychotic illness are currently being studied. Also we are investigating the mechanisms of paracetamol actions. We are examining genetic factors that predict serious adverse drug reactions and also explain variation in response to medicines, especially transporter molecules and their controlling genes. The effects of electronic medication management and decision support tools in a teaching hospital on the rate of adverse events occurring is a new and exciting research interest.

Society Memberships & Professional Activities:

  • Fellow Royal Australian College of Physicians 
  • Immediate past Chair Federal PHARM Committee (Pharmaceutical Health and Rational Use of Medicines Committee) 
  • Member of Australian Rheumatology Association (and its Therapeutics Committee) and Australasian Society of Clinical & Experimental Pharmacologists and Toxicologists (Past President) 
  • Practising Clinical Pharmacologist & Rheumatologist at St Vincent's Hospital Sydney and St Vincent's Medical Centre, Darlinghurst 
  • Director of Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology, St Vincent's Hospital 
  • Director of Therapeutics Centre, St Vincent's Hospital
  • President Drug Information Association 2010 -11