NICM Collaborative Centre for Nutraceuticals & Herbal Medicine

This multi-institutional research team focused on two broad areas; transdermal delivery, efficacy and adverse effects of cosmeceutical products used in treatment of skin ageing and in vitro and in vivo trials of herbal products in cardiovascular medicine, including diabetes and obesity. Its work spanned basic laboratory science, in vivo studies, clinical trials and nutraceutical-drug interaction studies.

Key activities included:

  • In-vitro investigations of nutraceuticals used for skin ageing
  • Probiotic studies in gastrointestinal health
  • In vitro and preclinical studies of I.V. ascorbate in cancer treatment
  • Cardiovascular actions of herbal products
  • Discovery and development of traditional Chinese medicines and novel lead compounds for diabetes and obesity therapy
  • Investigation into the anti-inflammatory antiplatelet and immuno-modulating effects of herbal medicines
  • Clinical pharmacology of interactions between regularly used herbal products and conventional medicines

NICM Grant:     $  660,000

Leverage:        $1,754,500

Increased human capacity since start of centre

5 PhD scholarships

6 research associates  

Participating institutions include:

  • Queensland University 
  • Monash University
  • Garvan Institute
  • UNSW
  • Griffith University