Yoann Birling

Investigation of the safety and effectiveness of Chinese herbal medicine for the treatment of insomnia

Sleep is fundamental for human health; however, insomnia symptoms are experienced by one third of Australians, having severe consequences on physical health, mental health, and daily performance. Insomnia is a multidimensional condition with consequences in daytime functioning, general wellbeing, disrupted mood and anxiety.

Patients and healthcare professionals look for an alternative to hypnotic drugs and psychotherapy. Chinese herbal medicine has been widely used for centuries in China against insomnia and is more and more commonly used in the western world, however, there is a lack of strong evidence for effectiveness and safety. This research will look for evidence of the safety and effectiveness of traditional Chinese herbal medicine for insomnia with a focus on one particular formula, Zao Ren An Shen.

Yoann is a Chinese medicine practitioner who studied and practiced Chinese medicine for 10 years in China. During his Research Master at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Yoann worked on four different clinical trials and achieved a thesis on the role of emotions in the development of psychiatric disorders.

His approach of Chinese medicine is open and progressive, with an emphasis on both keeping in line with ancient theories and experience and using research methods to look for evidence, integrating also modern discipline as biomedicine and psychology.


Associate Professor Xiaoshu Zhu; Professor Alan Bensoussan
Funded by the NICM HRI and Blackmores Institute Scholarship Program