Jennifer Rodda

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BCommerce (Marketing)
Communications Officer, NICM Health Research Institute

Ms Rodda joined NICM in November 2018 as NICM’s Communications Officer. Her role is responsible for the delivery of NICM events and the development of marketing and communications collateral and support. Working with NICM's Communications Strategy Manger, Ms Rodda helps to develop, implement and evaluate NICM's marketing and communications activities.

Coming from a commercial background, Ms Rodda brings over 15 years’ experience in product and brand management, marketing communications, event management, marketing global brands across multiple channels and audiences including consumers, brand recommenders, and distribution channels. She has held in-house roles for leading international and national organisations including Roche Diagnostics, GWA Group Limited, Boehringer Ingelheim and 3M Australia.

Ms Rodda has worked across industry sectors including healthcare (medical devices, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and consumer health products), and building and construction (commercial and residential fixtures and fittings).


  • Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing), University of Western Sydney, Australia