Simon Dixon

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Senior Manager, Operations and Strategy, NICM Health Research Institute

As Senior Manager of Operations and Strategy, Simon Dixon manages NICM's operations, implementing NICM's strategic plan, further developing our business model and guiding the next phase of development.

Mr Dixon has extensive experience in organisational management, compliance, finance, HR, IT, clinical trial implementation, contract management and key stakeholder relationship development.

He has worked in the health sector for the past 23 years and comes to NICM from National Heart Foundation Northern Territory. In 2013, Mr Dixon moved to Darwin to take up the position of Health Director for the Heart Foundation. In this role he managed the delivery of heart heath projects throughout remote communities across the Northern Territory before taking up the role of Chief Executive Officer in 2015.

He has a passion for improving health outcomes through advocacy, policy, research, and evidence based clinical practice.


  • 2018 Master of Business Administration, Australian Institute of Business, Australia
  • 2016 Graduate Diploma of Management, Australian Institute of Business, Australia
  • 1999 Diploma in Marketing and Management, NSW Institute of TAFE, Australia