Mitchell Low

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Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Herb Analysis and Pharmacology, NICM Health Research Institute

Dr Low is an enthusiastic early career researcher who previously worked in NICMs TGA accredited Analytical testing laboratory, as the Acting Commercial Laboratory Manager. Over the last eight years he has acquired cross disciplinary technical skills with his time at NICM, QC Chemist and Research Assistant and Technical Officer. Dr Low has conducted research in the field of natural products chemistry as part of his doctoral studies and has contributed to the field with a number of publications.

Research focus

  • In-vitro anti-inflammatory assays
  • In-vitro antioxidant assays
  • Synergetic combination studies
  • Bio-assay guided fractionation
  • Pharmacokinetics in-vivo and in-vitro


  • 2016 Doctor of Philosophy, Pharmacology, Western Sydney University, Australia


For a full listing of publications please see: