NICM Health Research Institute (NICM) is particularly grateful for the generous annual philanthropic and sponsor support that it receives for its operations from the following:


Blackmores is Australia's leading natural health brand, with strong market positions in New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia and a growing presence in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea.

Innovation is a key driver of business growth for Blackmores.  The business is committed to a strong new product pipeline, based on the latest research and scientific findings to enable them provide quality health solutions with a strong evidence base. Blackmores' involvement in research ranges from product supply to research projects through to the full funding of clinical trials. The Blackmores Research Centre at Southern Cross University, in regional NSW, reviews studies on all aspects of natural health from around the world and seeks appropriate partners with which to share research and commercial opportunities through licensing and supply arrangements.  Blackmores has been a key contributor to building the knowledge base about natural health products for more than 70 years.

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The Jacka Foundation of Natural Therapies (JFNT)

JFNT is a not-for-profit company and charitable fund that aims to improve awareness, understanding and use of natural therapies within the Australian community and to improve the knowledge and educational base underpinning their use.   It was formally established in May 2010 by a company of members of the previous entity, the Southern School of Natural Therapies Ltd, who have a long history of involvement in complementary medicine education.

The Foundation's key goals include supporting relevant research and educational activities that improve understanding and effective utilisation of complementary medicine. JFNT's support of NICM is its single biggest investment in complementary medicine and demonstrates its support for the integration of evidence-based complementary medicine into mainstream healthcare.

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Flordis Natural Medicines

Flordis is a leader in the development of natural medicines that meet the highest standards of efficacy, quality and safety. Flordis takes the view that all its products should meet the same clinical standards as synthetic pharmaceutical products. Flordis products have been the subject of hundreds of clinical trials and have been used by millions of people worldwide.

At the heart of the Flordis approach is the concept of 'specifically clinically proven natural medicines'. This ensures that the product used by the patient is identical to the product that has been proven effective in clinical trials. This is achieved through rigorous 'Seed to Patient' quality procedures pursuing standardisation of each step of the production process - from growing of the plant, to the harvesting and storage, extraction, manufacturing and, finally, to its use in systematic clinical trials. A focus on investing in developing specific evidence is central to the Flordis corporate ethos. Flordis products are currently part of the two largest National Health and Medical Research Council trials on herbal medicines.

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From drug and biologic development services to delivery technologies to supply solutions, Catalent Pharma Solutions has the deepest expertise, the broadest offerings and the most unique technologies in the industry.  With over 75 years of experience, Catalent helps customers get more molecules to market faster, enhance product performance, and provide global, reliable supply. Catalent employs more than 8,000 people at 20+ facilities worldwide and in fiscal year 2011 generated more than $1.6 billion in annual revenue. Catalent's Australian headquarters are in Melbourne.

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Help build a body of proof for ancient practices

Complementary medicine offers a wealth of potential healthcare solutions, backed by hundreds of years of clinical use. Some 2,500 years ago, the Chinese were using treatments made of mouldy soybean curd to treat infections. Only in 1942 did Howard Florey and Ernst Chain develop the manufacturing process for penicillin, enabling the first antibiotics to be sold as drugs.

Provide hope to sufferers of chronic disease

Complementary medicines provide hope where existing medical treatments are inadequate, expensive or have significant side effects. Chronic diseases such as heart disease and stroke, dementia, mental illness and cancer are among Australia's national health priorities. Nonetheless, existing medical treatments for these diseases may be inadequate, expensive or have significant side effects. Complementary medicines show promise in the management and treatment of chronic diseases. Examples include:
  • Acupuncture for relief of chronic lower back pain and depression
  • Omega 3 fatty acids to prevent secondary cardiovascular events in Australia
  • Calcium and vitamin D supplementation to reduce the incidence and severity of osteoporosis
  • St John's wort for mild to moderate depression

Your donation funds vital research

Evidence-based research is costly but vital to unlocking the benefits of complementary medicines.
  • Support excellent early career research – fund the living costs or project costs for research students in an area that interests you
  • Fund a research program – a Professorial Chair will advance a full program of research in response to a question of direct concern to you
  • Contribute to our clinical trials capacity – small and large donations to allow NICM to greatly expand its clinical trials capacity and will make a real difference to improving knowledge of which complementary medicines have strong health benefits

Please contact Simon Dixon on 02 9685 4700, to discuss how our programs might support your interests.

How do I make a donation?

You are able to make a tax deductible donation online through the Western Sydney University. On the form, select 'NICM Health Research Institute' when answering 'I would like to support'.

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For every $1 of funding you donate to support research at the University of Western Sydney, the Commonwealth Government will provide Western Sydney University with an additional 20-40 cents in research funding.

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