Regulations in Australia

The Australian National Audit Office released a report on Therapeutic Goods Regulation: Complementary Medicines (August 30, 2011).

The objective of this audit was to examine the effectiveness of the Therapeutic Goods Administration's regulation of complementary medicines in Australia. The primary focus was on Listed complementary medicines, which comprise about 98 per cent of these medicines.

The report was commissioned by the Department of Health and Ageing.

The audit brochure and the full report are available through the Therapeutic Goods Regulation: Complementary Medicines (opens in a new window). 

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has released important information aimed at increasing the understanding of how Listed Medicines (vitamin and mineral supplements, herbal medicines, and other medicinal products available in supermarkets) are regulated.

Listed medicines: The role of Australia's medicines regulator

Different types of medicines are regulated in different ways by the TGA, depending on what they contain and how they are to be used. The level of regulatory scrutiny increases with the level of risk the medicine can pose to consumers. This approach allows resources to be targeted effectively. 

Access more information: TGA - Listed Medicines TGA's Role (opens in a new window)