Call for applicants: Vice-Chancellor’s Research Fellowships

1 September 2019

Western Sydney University is investing in three new research fellowships at NICM Health Research Institute (NICM) as part of the Vice-Chancellor’s Research Fellowships,(opens in a new window) which will see over the next five years 50 research-focused fellows recruited throughout the university.

Targeting high-performing early and mid-career researchers whose work aligns with Western Sydney University’s research strengths, NICM and Western Sydney University will build on its established research excellence and world-class research expertise.

The Fellowship roles are research intensive, boasting a 70 per cent research component. Fellows will have well-established track record of esteemed research and/or quality creative outputs and a national and international research profile that reflects research excellence relative to career stage and opportunity.

NICM Director, Professor Alan Bensoussan, said these new research fellows will provide the highest quality learning and teaching opportunities to Western Sydney and build on the NICM’s world-class research expertise.

“The new Vice-Chancellor’s Research Fellowship scheme offers our successful new Fellows a four year research focused appointment in the area of either chronic disease management with integrative medicine, chemistry and pharmacology of herbal medicines, or health economics and big data,” said Professor Bensoussan.

“The three new Fellows will be integral to the translation of research and the delivery of research impact and excellence. We are seeking exceptional applications both nationally and internationally for each position.”

The Vice Chancellor’s Research Fellows are at Academic Level B and Academic Level C and will work with world leading research teams, industry partners and research end users.

View the position descriptions:

  • Integrative Care in Chronic Disease Management (PDF, 111.42 KB) (opens in a new window)
    • Seeking superb research leaders in the broad area of chronic disease management with integrative medicine. The focus could be in any of our NICM research priorities areas, including dementia and mental health, women’s health, cardiovascular and metabolic health, and cancer care. Applicants must have a strong skill base in clinical practice and have a track record in securing relevant competitive grants.
  • Pharmacologist/Natural Products Chemistry (PDF, 111.49 KB) (opens in a new window)
    • Seeking exceptional researchers who will have major impact in the areas of chemistry and pharmacology of herbal medicines. Applicants must have a strong skill base in herbal pharmacology and/or natural products chemistry and have a track record in securing relevant competitive grants. This position is pivotal to the growth of our research collaborations with local and international partners, including China, and our supervision of international higher degree research students in this area.
  • Health Economics, Epidemiology and Big Health Data management (PDF, 111.24 KB) (opens in a new window)
    • Seeking outstanding researchers who may be able to contribute to any one or more of NICM's research priorities fields with a focus. Despite high levels of use of non-pharmacological, non-surgical therapies locally and internationally, there is little data on their disease prevention and economic value. With the analysis of health data and economic impacts of health interventions, this research will assist in the advancement of evidence-based approaches to clinical care. These research skills will likely be shared resources across other medical and health research Institutes at Western Sydney University.

Applicants can apply up until 8.30pm AEST, Sunday 22 September.

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