Chinese medicine guidelines - new compendium available

21 March 2016

A team of NICM researchers and collaborators were commissioned by the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia (CMBA) to produce the new Nomenclature Compendium for commonly used Chinese Herbal Medicine.

The compendium is now available on the CMBA website as a listed resource to the New Guidelines for safe Chinese herbal medicine practice.

The Compendium includes Pin Yin names, botanical names, common English names and traditional and simplified Chinese names, along with relevant restrictions of use. This compendium will help ensure a safe Chinese herbal medicine practice and will be an essential resource for the Chinese Medicine Practitioners of Australia.

This research project was led by Professor Alan Bensoussan and included NICM researchers Associate Professor Chung Guang Li, Dr Xiaoshu Zhu, Dr Hans Wohlmuth, Ms Xian (Phoebe) Zhou, Dr Joanne Packer, Ms Ros Priest and Honorary Advisor Prof Zhongzhen Zhao.

>> Access the compendium and guidelines (opens in a new window)