Chinese medicine seminars

27 June 2016

Earlier this month NICM presented a professional and public education seminar on Chinese medicine which promoted greater awareness of the potential use and new regulations for Chinese medicine in Australia.

Hosted at Liverpool hospital, the professional seminar, Chinese medicine in Australia: Evidence, research and practice, brought together general practitioners, medical specialists and allied health practitioners, for a one day workshop that discussed Chinese medicine practice, philosophy, traditional and scientific evidence, drug interactions and Australia's regulatory framework.

Key guest speakers included Professor Wei Wang, Deputy President, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Professor Andrew McLachlan, Professor of Pharmacy and Aged Care at University of Sydney and several of NICM's researchers.

The wider public seminar provided general knowledge and understanding of Chinese medicine and acupuncture and when might they be appropriate to use; how herbal medicines are regulated for quality; how to find good practitioners and reliable information about what works; and what to consider in making a decision about whether to seek acupuncture or Chinese herbal medicine.

The seminars were supported by the Australian Government's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Australia-China Council, NICM and the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.