Chris O'Brien Lifehouse

Media Release: 11 November 2013

The opening of Chris O'Brien Lifehouse last week sees a major advancement for patients using integrative medicine in their cancer treatment.

The Lifehouse LivingRoom is a purpose built integrative medicine centre that will provide supportive services, education and complementary therapy treatments that can be used in partnership with clinical care.

According to NICM Director Professor Alan Bensoussan, Chris O'Brien's vision for a fully integrated cancer centre marks a new era of cancer care in Australia.

"With an estimated 50% of cancer patients currently using a complementary medicine therapy whilst undergoing cancer treatment, it is important they have the option of having their treatment managed in an integrated environment."

"Not only does this service allow cancer sufferers to be transparent about their complementary medicine use, there will be a platform to develop evidence to see what impact these therapies are having on the treatment," said Professor Bensoussan.

Professor Michael Boyer, Lifehouse Chief Clinical Officer, said "Integrated cancer centres are recognised around the world as a model that provides the best possible outcomes for people living with cancer, as well as the most meaningful advances in research and education."

The first stage of treatments available from this month will include outpatient treatments and chemotherapy, with surgery, in-patient beds and intensive care available from next year or 2015.

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