Dr Armour awarded for Research Impact

NICM researcher Dr Mike Armour was delighted to be the recent joint winner of the 2018 Western Sydney University Research Impact competition for his work on ‘The Problem of Period Pain’.

The Research Impact Competition showcases research from across all of the University's research themes to an audience of external stakeholders, staff and students. One researcher is selected from each school and institute to participate in the competition and present their research.

Dr Armour’s presentation discussed the research that has been undertaken over the last 12 months through a partnership with Kimberly-Clark’s U by Kotex brand and supported by Family Planning NSW and Endometriosis Australia.

The research recently conducted was the largest survey worldwide of young women in relation to their knowledge and the impact of menstrual pain. With over 90 per cent of Australian women aged 14–25 years suffering from period pain regularly, one-in10 women having endometriosis, and most women not knowing what a ‘normal’ period should be, the project aims to de-mystify periods and also reduce the incidence of endometriosis.

Through the information gained from the study an online web resource via a mobile phone app was developed by Canberra Endometriosis Centre to be used as a screening tool for endometriosis.

For the majority of women that do not have endometriosis, a range of evidence based, self-management techniques have been developed to help in managing period pain, accessed by You Tube clips.

Dr Armour was extremely pleased that the importance of research that affects young women is finally being recognised.

“While period pain can seem minor, it affects millions of Australian women and could be thought of as a ‘silent epidemic’.

“It is incredibly common, has significant negative impact on both work and school, but is almost never discussed.

“This award helps to increase the profile of this issue, and will help us to get our message out that period pain is not ‘normal’.”

View(opens in a new window) Dr Armour’s winning presentation and learn more about the project.