NICM HRI Seminar 2021: Leveraging personal digital devices to assess depression

Event Name NICM HRI Seminar 2021: Leveraging personal digital devices to assess depression
Start Date 10 Jun 2021 11:00 am

NICM Health Research Institute presents Dr Paola Pedrelli, Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School; and Associate in Psychology at Massachusetts General Hospital, United States.

Join guest seminar speaker, Dr Pedrelli, as she discusses how digital phenotyping, using personal digital devices such as smartphones and sensors to assess human behaviour, can be used to measure and assess depressive symptoms.

Dr Pedrelli’s research program focuses on the development of novel assessment tools and treatments of depression when occurring alone and when co-occurring with heavy episodic drinking. Recently, she has examined methods combining artificial intelligence and sensors to develop objective markers of depression. She has received funding to support her research program by the National Institute of Health as well as private foundations, extensively presented her body of work, and successfully published more than 55 peer-reviewed papers in high profile journals.


Unlike other fields of medicine, psychiatry does not rely on objective indices to diagnose mental health disorders and to assess symptoms severity. Recent advances in the fields of engineering, computer science, and computational science have led to the development of novel methods to quantify and measure behavioural phenotypes of mental health disorders. In this presentation, Dr Pedrelli will describe the concept of digital phenotyping and outline research measuring depressive symptoms severity by collecting behavioural and physiological data with wearable and mobile sensors.

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Event details

WHEN: Thursday 10 June 2021
TIME: 11.00am - 12.00pm AEST
VENUE: Zoom webinar 
COST: Free and open to all
RSVP: Registration for this event closed 12pm AEDT, Monday 7 June