Have you tried yoga therapy?

15 March 2022

Having opened in February 2022, Next Practice care of Western Sydney Integrative Health (opens in a new window) at NICM Health Research Institute are welcoming patients for private or group yoga therapy.

Yoga is a wholistic system of health and wellbeing and includes breath-centred movement, breathing exercises, deep relaxation, meditation and more.

Private yoga therapy is yoga tailored to the patients’ needs, while group yoga sessions are suitable for anyone wanting to try yoga for the first time or for those with some experience wanting to continue their yoga journey says Dr Carolyn Ee, Jacka Foundation Senior Research Fellow and Western Sydney Integrative Health Program lead at NICM Health Research Institute.

“There is an extensive and growing evidence assessing the effectiveness of yoga-based interventions for various medical conditions, such as cardiovascular disease and risk factors, pain and musculoskeletal conditions, mental health conditions, and mental and physical health and quality of life in people with cancer,as well as in preventive medicine,” said Dr Ee.

“We’re especially excited to be offering yoga therapy sessions funded by the Dry July Foundation for people with cancer for the third year running.”

Yoga has so much to offer you if you are suffering from the side effects of cancer treatment and our qualified yoga therapist, Margery Hellman, has returned to Next Practice care of Western Sydney Integrative Health (Next Practice WSIH).

Margie has eight years’ experience teaching yoga in cancer care at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse and a passion for making yoga accessible for all bodies, including those looking to feel more balanced and at peace both during and after cancer treatment.

Next Practice WSIH are now offering a one-hour Group Yoga Therapy for People with Cancer and Group Yoga Therapy for Every Body, as well as a 30-minute Group Lunch Express Yoga option every Wednesday.

To reserve your spot, be sure to check the yoga session availability and book ahead online at https://services.nabooki.com/booking/step1?token=61da9c80ca27a8.11542247(opens in a new window)

To learn more about what yoga is, why people practise yoga and importantly the latest evidence of effectiveness visit NICM HRI’s Therapeutic Outlines.(opens in a new window)

To enquire about becoming a patient or working at Next Practice care of WSIH please visit nextpracticehealth.com/locations/nsw-wsih (opens in a new window)