In the media

19 September 2019

NICM Health Research Institute’s (NICM) world-class research has featured in leading media outlets internationally and nationally, with over 2200 pieces of coverage generated in 2019, reaching potential 3.6 billion impressions.

Coverage generated from July to September includes Dr Mike Armour’s Conversation article discussing endometriosis; PhD candidate Yoann Birling’s study featured in for Sleep Awareness Week; Michael de Manincor discussed changing accessibility and status quo of yoga with Good Health and Wellbeing and NZ’s; Professor Chang’s SLT dementia trial; Dr Firth’s internet and the brain paper continues to receive coverage, as well as his two recent papers this quarter highlighted below; and Western Sydney University’s development of the Westmead campus was covered recently in The Australian.


  • In July, Dr Frith and international research team’s Lancet Psychiatry Commission: a blueprint for protecting physical health in people with mental illness was picked up by The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, ABC Radio National, ABC Triple J Hack, 10 Daily, Daily Telegraph, Adelaide Advertiser, Herald Sun, Courier-Mail, CNN, TVNZ, Newstalk ZB (NZ), Radio New Zealand Pacific, Australian Science TV, Economic Times, BBC World Service Radio, Open Forum,, Fox TV, Australian Science Channel, and The Guardian to name a few.
  • In September, Dr Firth’s paper and evidence review on supplements regarding mental health, received wide international and national coverage. Senior author of the paper, Professor Jerome Sarris and NICM Adjunct Associate Professor Vicki Kotsirilos appeared on national television about the findings, with Professor Sarris on 7NEWS, and Associate Professor Kotsirilos on Weekend Sunrise. Professor Sarris was also heard on various radio programs such as 3AW, WSFM, 2SM, and featured in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Brisbane Times, WA Today, 10News, Daily Telegraph, Herald-Sun, Courier-Mail, Adelaide Advertiser, Mercury, RACGP News and Pharmacy News to name a few. Additional international coverage has appeared on NBC national TV, BBC Radio, Medical News Today, Gizmodo, Doctissimo, De Volkskrant, LInd├ę, MSN (UK, Mexico, Belgium, NZ, Singapore and South Africa), and Yahoo! (Singapore).
  • Dr Mike Armour spoke with ABC Illawarra about his pilot study focusing on period pain and exercise, and volunteers needed for the study, in addition to further coverage from his Conversation article on endometriosis and latest paper and study on period pain appearing across media outlets such as Channel NewsAsia, Daily Bulletin, Radio2lt, Brisbane News, F3News Australian Business, Yahoo!India Lifestyle, The New Indian Express and Whimm.
  • Dr Firth discussed findings about chocolate lowering risk of depression with Radio NZ, DailyHeralds, Centre Daily Times, FoodNavigator, and Science Daily.
  • In August, Vogue (AU, UK, Mexico, China) referenced Dr Firth’s February paper on eating a healthy diet can ease symptoms of depression.