In the media

31 March 2021

Researchers from NICM Health Research Institute commented over the last three months on topics ranging from mental health, psychedelics, medicinal cannabis, period pain, endometriosis to how the internet is changing the brain.

Key highlights for January to March included:

  • In January Professor Jerome Sarris’ paper on psychedelics was featured nationally across ABC radio and ABC TV. In February, Professor Sarris also spoke with ABC VIC Statewide about his past research paper on how the internet is changing the brain.
  • Also in February, Dr Mike Armour's research about period pain management, featured in Education Review.
  • In March Justin Sinclair spoke with ABC North Coast about medicinal cannabis and the Federal Government's recent clinical trial funding. In February he also spoke with reporter Sophie Chirgwin on medicinal cannabis and research in endometriosis. The article appeared in The Cairns Post; The Mercury; Gold Coast Bulletin; Pilbara News; Midwest Times;; Geelong Advertiser; Townsville Bulletin; The Advertiser; Herald Sun; Courier-Mail; and The Chronicle.