In the Media

6 April 2016

Last week we saw NICM's Adjunct Associate Professor and GP, Vicki Kotsirilos, quoted in the Medical Observer (opens in a new window) and Pharmacy News in response to MJA’s (opens in a new window) commissioned opinion piece about integrative medicine.  Associate Professor Kotsirilos said the author’s definition of integrative medicine missed the point and misrepresented the term.

Further to Associate Professor Kotsirilos’ comment, NICM also wrote to MJA about the editorial stating that it was out of touch with international medical leadership and patient behaviour.

In February, Fairfax Media published a story regarding broad-ranging allegations made about NICM. The University and Professor Alan Bensoussan provided a comprehensive response to the questions posed by the journalist, however disappointingly a number of factual inaccuracies were reported in the article.