In the media

14 March 2022

Over the last three months researchers from NICM Health Research Institute have commented on topics from medicinal cannabis, medicinal psychedelics, endometriosis, exercise and nutrition.

Key highlights include:

  • Dr Angelo Sabag’s past paper ‘The Effect of High-intensity Interval Training vs Moderate-intensity Continuous Training on Liver Fat: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis’(opens in a new window) received further coverage over the last three months in GQ, Infobae, House of Wellness, and Newsbreak.
  • In January Adjunct Professor Stephen Myers spoke with Sarah Berry about CBD oil and the importance of sourcing CBD oil through a medical prescriber. The story ‘CBD oil is having a moment. What’s it for and what’s behind all the hype?’ ran across The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, Brisbane Times and WA Today.
  • Professor Jerome Sarris, Dr Mike Armour and PhD candidate, Justin Sinclair’s paper “Cannabis use for endometriosis: Clinical and legal challenges in Australia and New Zealand’(opens in a new window) received wide traction also in January, with AAP newswires covering the paper, along with Daily Mail UK, 7News, 10 News, The Australia, Herald Sun, The Courier-Mail, The Daily Telegraph, The Mercury, Cairn’s Post, The West Australian, Perth Now, The Advertiser, NTNews, Australian Doctor,, Cannabiz and featured broadly across stated based radio and regional newspapers.
  • Dr Mike Armour in January featured in Medical News Today UK for commentary about women’s reproductive health and menstrual cycles and a colleague’s paper discussing COVID-19 vaccines linked to temporary increase in menstrual cycle length.
  • Adjunct Dr Joseph Firth featured in January’s Vogue (France) from his past 2019 research discussing diet and mental health.(opens in a new window)
  • In February NICM HRI Research Director Professor Chun Guang Li spoke with SBS regarding COVID-19 and the limited evidence showing Lianhua Quingwen’s efficacy in improving symptoms of COVID-19
  • In February, Adjunct Associate Professor Jennifer Hunter’s past paper on Zinc and the common cold and flu like-illnesses (opens in a new window) received further coverage in Taiwan’s 康健雜誌,MSN, and Yahoo! News Taiwan.
  • In March, Adjunct Associate Professor Vicki Kotsirilos spoke with ABC News about prescribing medicinal cannabis and the lack of high-quality evidence for the use of cannabis products, but there was a growing body of research trying to backfill the absence of evidence.