In the media

20 June 2022

NICM Health Research Institute throughout April, May and June have featured in the media, commenting on topics from mindfulness, cold and flu, menstrual health and literacy, menstrual leave, pelvic pain, endometriosis, and medicinal cannabis.

Key highlights include:

  • This month in Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) online, Dr Carolyn Ee provided commentary about mindfulness and a recent US study. Additionally, Dr Jennifer Hunter provided commentary for a separate story about cold and flu season and her recent Zinc paper. Both articles appeared online at SMH, and were republish on The Age, Brisbane Times, and WAToday.
  • Also in June, Dr Mike Armour and colleagues’ research on endometriosis and education featured across Studio 10 Melbourne, Courier-Mail, Canberra Times, Newcastle Herald, Adelaide Advertiser, The Daily Telegraph, Courier-Mail, and ABC Radio.
  • Dr Mike Armour’s Conversation article published in June about endometriosis and surgery, was republished by ABC News, Lifehacker Australia, MSN Australia, Evening Post NZ, and Yahoo!News, and discussed on ABC Radio.
  • In May NICM HRI Adjunct Professor Vicki Kotsirilos’ co-authored paper about the increase in medicinal cannabis use in Australia featured on ABC Radio, Herald Sun, The Medical Republic, Medical Xpress, Aus Doctor, NT News, and Oncology Republic.
  • Further in May Dr Mike Armour discussed Endo@Work, a new research initiative and partnership between Endometriosis Australia and leading academics, is aiming to end inequality in the workplace for people living with endometriosis in Australia. It featured across various radio stations such as 2GB, Hitz FM, 900 2LM, 2MO, Radio97, 7AD, 2MT, 2EL, Star 101.9, Star 102.7, 2VM, Star 106.3, 4BU, Sea FM, Chilli 99.7, 4GY, 7HOFM, 2DU, 2PK1404, Power 100.7, 2CH, 2BH, 2BS, 2SM, 4WK, and Hot 100 FM.
  • In April, US site, Verywell mind, quoted Professor Jerome Sarris’ and his recent World Federation of Societies of Biological Psychiatry and the Canadian Network for Mood and Anxiety Disorders taskforce paper on the use of various supplements in treating mental health issues. And further in April, SMH wrote about Professor Sarris’ research into ayahuasca and work conducted with the Global Ayahuasca Project, in ‘The unparalleled greatest feeling’ or risky drug? Inside the celebrity-loved psychedelic’. The article was also republished widely.
  • In April Associate Professor Genevieve Steiner spoke with SMH for expert commentary for their story ‘Why periods, pregnancy and menopause might affect the risk of dementia’. The article was republished on The Age, WAToday, and Brisbane Times.