March into Yellow

NICM March into Yellow

NICM Researchers, students and staff today (Friday 10 March) participated in "March into Yellow" - a day designed to bring awareness to endometriosis. March into Yellow is a worldwide event supported by Endometriosis Australia.

Endometriosis is diagnosed when tissue similar to the lining of the uterus is found at other sites in the pelvis, primarily the ovaries, fallopian tubes, bladder, and bowel, causing an inflammatory reaction.

"Despite Endometriosis being as common as lower back pain, there is a general lack of awareness both in Australia and worldwide," said Dr Mike Armour, NICM Postdoctoral Research Fellow.

Dr Armour says March into Yellow was designed to start a conversation on the impact of this disease which affects around 1 in 10 women worldwide.

A team of researchers from NICM and UNSW are currently investigating if acupuncture is effective in treating the symptoms of endometriosis.

Dr Armour is the Chief Investigator of the clinical trial.

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