NICM HDR student receives Community Development Award

8 January 2019

NICM postgraduate student, Adele Cave, was delighted to be the inaugural recipient of Western Sydney University’s 2018 Community Development Award.

Awarded in December for community engagement and excellence in her role as Vice-Chair and Postgraduate Student Representative, Student Campus Council, Adele is tasked with student advocacy and driving student led improvement to the student experience at Western Sydney University.

“In advocating on behalf of the postgraduate, higher degree research student community, Adele has helped to build a culture of students feeling empowered and more comfortable to express their views, share their stories and develop new connections with not only each other, but the wider university community,” says Grant Murray, Civic Engagement Officer from the Department of Student Representation and Participation at Western Sydney University.

“The award has been recognised as a testament to Adele’s character and her dedication to her peers, not only at Adele's home campus of Campbelltown but also broadly reaching across the other Western Sydney University campuses.”

Adele has also been involved in linking the Western Sydney University’s Student Representative Council with the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations at a national level.

Her recognition through this award is well deserved and the Student Representative Council look forward to Adele’s continued support and contributions, ensuring the postgraduate student voice of Western Sydney University is heard.