NICM offers free services to cancer patients

1 July 2019

NICM Senior Research Fellow, Dr Suzanne Grant, has secured a grant to help improve the comfort and wellbeing of people affected by cancer as part of the Dry July Foundation Grant Program.

Dr Suzanne Grant part of NICM’s Supportive Cancer Care team says the grant provides support for free oncology massage, acupuncture and yoga specifically for people with cancer, or people in remission from cancer.

The services will be underpinned by the collection of patient reported outcome measures to facilitate research on health outcomes, Dr Grant explained some of the secondary health issues that people will cancer may experience.

“Many patients experience side effects and symptoms while they undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy, such as pain, fatigue, nausea, and anxiety”, said Dr Grant.

“After active treatment has finished people with cancer may continue to experience health issues such as a limited range of movement, fear of risk of recurrence, hot flashes or insomnia.

“Many also take this time after a cancer diagnosis to re-evaluate their health and seek to take action to improve their amount of exercise undertaken or commence a mindfulness practice,” she said.

It has been demonstrated that evidence-based supportive care services such as yoga, acupuncture, mindfulness classes, and oncology massage may help support people with cancer experiencing these symptoms.

Growing evidence suggests that acupuncture is beneficial for cancer pain, chemotherapy-induced nausea, vomiting, and may be beneficial for symptoms such as radiation therapy-induced xerostomia (dry mouth), fatigue, hot flashes, depression, anxiety, peripheral neuropathy (weakness, numbness and pain from nerve damage) and insomnia.

Clinical studies show that massage can alleviate symptoms such as stress/anxiety, nausea, insomnia, pain, fatigue, and depression in cancer patients. The benefits of yoga for cancer patients include improving the quality of life and cognitive functioning.

Provided by credentialed therapists, NICM’s Western Sydney Integrative Health clinic on the Westmead campus is currently offering the free services for a limited period, with a limit of four treatments per person.

To find out more or to check your eligibility contact Dr Grant and her team on email at or phone 0490426240.