Sydney premier: High as Mike

12 June 2019

The new Australian documentary High as Mike showcases the trials and tribulations of patients using and seeking to use medicinal cannabis. Told through the personal journey of Mike Gallagher, who has been battling a brain tumour since 2003, he travels to all corners of Australia in search of answers, including to NICM Health Research Institute (NICM).

Attending NICM’s Medicinal Cannabis Research Symposium last year, Mike interviews global experts in the field, including NICM’s medicinal cannabis expert Justin Sinclair and also NICM Adjunct Associate Professor Vicki Kotsirilos, AM. The film includes expert opinions from all sides of the medicinal cannabis debate, presenting a balanced perspective of the current situation patients are facing. The documentary also features high profile medicinal cannabis advocates such as Olivia Newton-John and Amazon John Easterling, as well as other patient testimonies with a broad range of medical conditions.

“It was really great to be involved in the documentary and the timing worked well in terms of our medicinal cannabis research symposium last year, where we also launched NICM’s Australian Medicinal Cannabis Research and Education Collaboration (AMCREC), and had world-leading medicinal cannabis scientists, academics, educators, researchers, clinicians, TGA, industry and advocacy groups all convening at one time, in one space,” said Mr Sinclair, NICM Research Fellow and AMCREC Coordinator.

“The research questions and challenges facing patients and industry partners in this evolving space is very topical and of interest to many Australians, which is why I believe the documentary has received such positive feedback since it premiered in Sydney earlier this month.”

To find out more visit the High as Mike website(opens in a new window), or to see where the film will be screening, visit Fan Force.(opens in a new window)

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