Professor Alan Bensoussan interviewed by ABC 702

NICM's Director, Professor Alan Bensoussan, was interviewed in February by ABC 702 Sydney's Morning program.

Host, Linda Mottram, discussed with Professor Bensoussan the developments and signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine to set up a new Chinese Medicine research-led clinic in Sydney. Mottram mentioned the "huge interest in alternative medicine in Australia, and in particular Chinese Medicine." She discussed how very reputable medicos in Australia are coming round to some of the benefits which are scientifically justifiable of Chinese Medicine, stating that it was an interesting time.

Professor Bensoussan agreed and spoke of how thrilled he was with the MOU and developments taking place. He talked about the integration of Chinese and Western medicine - the intense effort in trying to validate more of the Chinese medicine and understanding better how to use Chinese Medicine appropriately in the context of Western medicine and integrative care.

Professor Bensoussan put forward how Australia has been the vanguard of the world, in leading the Western world in terms of recognising the need to standardise clinical practices in Chinese medicine.

He explained the plans for the new research-led clinic, and discussed the longevity of Chinese Medicine - having been around for centuries - and spoke of the enormous progress in research and translation in the last 20 years with examples of malaria, chronic back pain and acupuncture.

Professor Bensoussan talked about the regulation of Chinese Medicine practice and the attitudes among practitioners towards alternative and Chinese medicine – concluding that "people need to see the evidence and know that the interventions work and understand better how they do work."

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