TOUR: The Medicine in China, 5-19 Oct. 2019

Join NICM's Adjunct Associate Professor Vicki Kotsirilos AM for 'The Medicine in China' tour - see China’s history, culture and medicine. Eligible for CPD points and an attendance certificate, attendees will learn about Chinese medicine and how integrative medicine works in the west, whilst touring the beautiful sites of China. The tour also examines healthcare in China as well as how Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine are integrated in practice in China.

Attendees will visit as part of the tour:

  • Chinese community clinic to view Western and Chinese medicine in practice
  • Hai Dian Teaching General Hospital
  • Herbal Medicine, Massage and Acupuncture departments of the Xi’an City Hospital The Academy of Chinese Medicine
  • The Wenshu Monastery

For further information about the tour, or to book, call 03 9343 6367.