Yoga – science of infinite possibilities

8 July 2016 

1-3 October, Western Sydney University, Parramatta South Campus

This three-day international conference is aimed at furthering the understanding of Yoga as an integrated approach in aiding preventative health, pain and disease management towards holistic wellbeing. Among alternative practices, Yoga Therapy is an emerging science complementing conventional medical treatment.

Bringing distinguished professors, scientists and doctors from prestigious universities around the world to present papers and share their research on a range of topics including: the benefits of yoga for mental stress in corporate life, mental illnesses, ADHD, women's health, oncology, diabetes, sports enhancement, non-communicable diseases, aging, general wellness, mindfulness and spirituality.
The conference is a unique opportunity to understand the needs of human wellbeing, health and happiness, which are crucial topics to speak and educate about especially in our increasingly complicated society.

Participants will have the opportunity to mingle and interact with the speakers informally as well. There will be yoga teachers and professionals conducting asanas and pranayam each day. Morning tea, vegetarian lunch and afternoon tea is also included.
'Yoga – Science of Infinite Possibilities' is organised by the Vedanta Centre of Sydney in collaboration with S-YVASA University of Yoga Sciences, Bengaluru, India and realised with the help of many volunteers. It is part of Confluence, the Festival of India in Australia.