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5 July 2019
NICM’s world-class research has generated over 1500 pieces of coverage so far in 2019, featuring in key outlets such as Forbes, WIRED, NBC, ABC News, Today Show, Sky News, Daily Mail, Sun, and The Australian to name a few.

1 July 2019
NICM secures grant to help improve the comfort and wellbeing of people affected by cancer as part of the Dry July Foundation Grant Program.

1 July 2019
Period pain significantly impacts young women’s academic performance worldwide, according to new Australian-led research – and women are ‘putting up with it’ rather than seeking treatment.

28 June 2019
Period pain is common, and the evidence shows it can hinder a woman's performance at school, university and work. To tackle this problem, we need to start talking about it.

24 June 2019
NICM researchers and their expertise have been sought by the World Health Organization for two separate initiatives, the Guideline Development Group for physical activity in youth, adults and older adults; and the Working Group on WHO Benchmarks for Training in Yoga.

12 June 2019
The new Australian documentary High as Mike showcases the trials and tribulations of patients using and seeking to use medicinal cannabis. Featuring Olivia Newton-John and NICM's own Justin Sinclair and Associate Professor Vicki Kotsirilos, AM.

5 June 2019
Researchers from NICM Health Research Institute, Harvard University, Kings College, Oxford University and University of Manchester have found the Internet can produce both acute and sustained alterations in specific areas of cognition, which may reflect changes in the brain, affecting our attentional capacities, memory processes, and social interactions.

3 June 2019
NICM continues to welcome and support visiting international scholars to participate in collaborative projects focused on complementary and integrative medicines. In 2019, NICM has welcomed to date academics from China, United States and Iran.

27 May 2019
NICM welcomed world-class international scholar, author and expert in integrative mental health, Dr James Lake throughout April and May, as part of the NICM-BI Visiting Scholar program.

21 May 2019
Premiering last night, SBS’s new eight-part series, produced by Warner Bros. Medicine or Myth? consults with NICM researchers to determine through science and evidence which remedies are perhaps more myth than genuine alternative medicine. Watch all episodes at SBS on Demand or on SBS Monday nights at 8.30pm.


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Period Poverty & Menstrual Illiteracy in Indian Subcontinent
Presented by Dr Sania Siddiqui, Founder and Director of Humjoli Foundation.
20 October, 2022, Online (Zoom)