Current Higher Degree Research Projects

Higher degree research candidates at NICM Health Research Institute are involved in research projects covering a broad range of topics.

Select a research stream below to view the current projects.

Healthy Hearts

Kiran Shahbaz - An investigation of the effects of Sailuotong (SLT) on the neurovascular unit.

Seungyeon Yeon - An investigation of the vascular effects of a standardised Chinese herbals form (Sailuotong) on cerebral vascular reactivity in normal and hypertensive rats for vascular dementia.

Healthy Minds

Adele Cave - Effectiveness of a herbal and nutritional supplement on cognitive function in older adults with subjective cognitive complaints.

Holly Eva Ratajec - Characterizing the neurodegeneration associated with alzheimer's disease using multimodal techniques.

Katerina Christofides - Examining the effects of inflammation on excitatory neurotransmitters and neuronal activity on cognition in mild cognitive impairment.

Maria Gonzalez - Evaluation of an individualised yoga intervention in cancer patients with major depression.

Healthy Women

Augustus Chan - A randomized sham-controlled trial to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of acupuncture for overactive bladder in Australian women population.

Justin Sinclair - The use of medicinal cannabis for the symptomatic management of endometriosis: A mixed methods project.

Vibhuti Rao - Culturally appropriate care of Indian women with PCOS: the role of Ayurveda and Yoga.

Healthy lives through cancer

Dianna Porter - Can Chinese herbal medicine relieve hot flushes induced by endocrine therapy in women with breast cancer: a randomised placebo-controlled multi-centre trial.

Fiona Hargraves - An integrative lifestyle approach for the treatment of depression: A randomised controlled clinical trial.

Hezheng Lai - Can Chinese herbal medicine improve appetite loss in cancer patients receiving chemotherapy treatment.

Jessie (Jie) Hao - Chinese herbal medicine for peripheral neuropathy after chemotherapy.

Mind and body therapies

Christine Murray - Herbal formulation in the management of osteoarthritis of the knee.

Dhevaksha Naidoo - The effects of residential health and wellness retreat experiences on health and wellbeing.

Emily Yang - Effects on Tai Chi on stress and cardiovascular function in patients with coronary heart disease and/or hypertension: a randomised, international, multi-centre, controlled trial.

Emma Wong - Electro acupuncture for improving erectile dysfunction after robot assisted radical prostatecomy: A randomised controlled trial.

Kylie Barr - Intradialytic Yoga as a complex intervention for patients with end stage kidney disease receiving haemodialysis treatment: A mixed methods approach.

Saumya Perera - Development and evaluation of polyherbal formulation for the treatment of osteoarthritis.

Preclinical studies

Kirandeep Kaur - Design and synthesis of new metalloligands.

Maz Ali - Metabolomic profiling of certain anticancer traditional herbal medicines.

Shintu Mathew - Australian native plants - a source of novel anti-inflammatory compounds.

Simi Singh - Chemical characterisation and study of pharmacological and biological activity of the Chinese herbs.

Yoann Birling - Investigation on the safety and effectiveness of Chinese herbal medicine for the treatment of insomnia.