HDR Students


Adele Cave

Effectiveness of a herbal and nutritional supplement on cognitive function in older adults with subjective cognitive complaints.

This PhD project will test the efficacy of a herbal and nutritional supplement on cognition, mood, fatigue, electrophysiology and autonomic function in a sample of older adults who report subjective cognitive complaints.

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Declan Power

Selecting chemical of marker compounds to determine the quality of green tea.

This Master's project will answer questions about the antioxidants and how they interact within green tea.


Dianna Porter

Can Chinese herbal medicine alleviate hot flushes in breast cancer survivors? A randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blind, multi-centre, cross-over trial.

This PhD project will investigate whether a Chinese herbal medicine can reduce hot flushes/night sweats in Australian breast cancer survivors.


Emily Yang

Effects on Tai Chi on stress and cardiovascular function in patients with coronary heart disease and/or hypertension: a randomised, international, multi-centre, controlled trial.

This PhD project will assess the effect of a 24 week tai chi intervention in improving stress, anxiety, depression, cardiovascular function and quality of life in patients with coronary heart disease.

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Hardik Ghelani

Pharmacological interventions on dyslipidaemia of chronic kidney disease: a mechanistic approach.

This PhD project will investigate the effectiveness of various natural products on restoring the deranged lipid metabolism in chronic kidney disease.

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Jessie (Jie) Hao

Chinese herbal medicine for peripheral neuropathy after chemotherapy.

This PhD project will test the effectiveness of Chinese herbal medicine for the management of chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy.

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Kylie Barr

The effectiveness of intradialytic yoga for fatigue in patients with End Stage Kidney Disease: a mixed methods approach.

This PhD project seeks to explore, measure and understand the patient experience, quality of life and health related outcomes for patients with ESKD, with the goal of improving outcomes via the use of yoga mind body practices when compared with usual care.

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Most Afia Akhtar

Australian native plants - a source of novel anti-inflammatory compounds.

This PhD project will study the chemistry of Australian native plants to identify the structure of their compounds as well as their biology for anti-inflammatory potential.

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Saumya Perera

Effectiveness and mechanisms of action of a standardised complex herbal formula for the management of osteoarthritis.

This PhD project aims to evaluate and compare the protective effects of standardised novel mixture of turmeric, ginger and boswellia extracts with pure extracts of each herb using in-vitro models and effect of mixture versus placebo in a pilot study.

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Seungeon Yeon

An investigation of the effects of Sai-luo-tong (SLT), a stanardized Chinese herbal formula, on cerebral vascular reactivity in normal and hypertensive rats.

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Simi Singh

Herbal quality assessment by chemical characterisation and study of anti-cancer activity of selected Chinese medicinal herbs.

This PhD project seeks to determine the variability of selected bio-active components in raw herbs and commercially prepared extracts.

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Yu-Ting Sun

The pharmacological and clinical effects of a standardised herbal extract, Nao Xin Qing for ischaemic stroke.

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Zewdneh Sabe

The use of traditional and complementary medicine for maternal health care among African migrant women in Australia.

This PhD project focuses on traditional health practices and beliefs of African migrant women living in Sydney and will examine how African women's cultural health beliefs may influence their health seeking behaviours.

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